Maintaining your car is an important task that you need to do. Performance and survival of your vehicle depend upon your maintenance, and you need to make sure that you do it. But at times, maintenance can cost you a lot of money. So to make matters simple, here are some maintenance tips that you can do on your own.

1. Windshield Wipers

Your wipers are a tool of prime importance, as they affect the factor of visibility. Be it rain or dust; your wiper needs to be clean and highly effective for the purpose. So in this scenario, all that you need to do is wipe them throughout. Lifting the blades and giving them a complete wipe is essential to make them clean. By doing so, you can also check whether the blades are in perfect condition. Through regular use, their quality differs and might end up being defective. So give a thorough glance.

2. Oil and Oil Filters

Changing your oil is vital to ensure that you car performs in the same manner regardless of the distance that it has covered. For this purpose, experts always predict that you need to change the oil after the successful completion of around 3,000 miles. This procedure is a step by step task and is quite easy. At first, you need to locate the oil pan and remove the drain plug and drain out everything completely. The next step is to replace the drain plug and remove the oil filter. Now you need to lubricate the rubber gasket and fill the new oil filter with fresh oil. Once you’re done with that, you also need to ensure that you tighten them, so that there are no chances that it gets removed.

3. The Spark Plugs

A proper check through the owner’s manual will give you a basic understanding of the need and time of changing your spark plugs. You can start this process by locating them and removing the very first plug. These plugs are installed in a specific order, and you need to understand that. So you can remove the first plug, by using a socket and extension on the ratchet and install the new plug. You need to tighten them but not too hard, as that might cause other problems.

4. Air Filters

Reading the owner’s manual is an essential criterion, as it gives you a basic idea about all the things that your car needs at the moment. In this process, you need to open the casting and understand the fitting. Then remove the old filter, fix the new one and remember to close the metal clips once you are done with the process. For most cars, you need to do this process for every 12,000 miles.