Exotic Places


Travelling is one such activity that will expose us to a lot of things in life. One of them is food, and it varies depending upon the place. Travelling solely for the purpose of eating some tasty meals is worth it, as you will be able to experience something different in your mouth. So, if you are planning on travelling, all for the love of food, then here are some places that you need to visit

1. Century Eggs

This Chinese dish is not something that you have tasted before. Century Eggs or millennium eggs contain eggs of quail, chicken and duck covered in ashes. They are then preserved for a long time before being served to customers. The taste might seem weird, but the dish is well known in China.

2. Wasp Crackers

The Japanese are famous for making various dishes that have strange ingredients in them. Wasp Crackers are one of them, as it includes wasps that are boiled, dried and then mixed into a batter. This dish is famous for another reason, and that is price. They are incredibly cheap and have been successful in creating a massive buzz around the global food market. Due to such recognition, they are also items on high demand, as people look for places that serve them.


3. Balut

Duck meat is quite popular all around the world. But the dish Balut brings another spin to duck meat. The eggs in this dish are served with a hole, as they contain a grown duck embryo. Due to this, there is a specific manner through which you eat them. At first, you need to pierce the duck eggs and consume the liquid inside. Then, you need to break the shell and eat the duck. This dish is a popular choice in the Philippines, as people love eating it.

4. Haggis

Haggis comes from Scotland, and it contains sheep’s liver, heart and lungs. This savoury pudding is mixed with some spices, chopped onions and encased in the sheep’s stomach and simmered. If the description does not seem to be pleasing and if you think that people don’t prefer it, then you are wrong. The dish is said to be tasty, and stores usually witness high demand.


5. Monkey Brains

Yes, such things do exist!. China and other eastern countries mainly consume this dish. When it was first introduced, it ran into some huge controversies not only for eating a monkey’s brain but also since it includes some really big health risks. People thought that it could cure erectile dysfunction, but there is no scientific reasoning for that. As monkeys are placed at a high rank in the food chain, certain people also believed that this habit could lead to cannibalism.